The Butterfly Home was Hoxton Homes’ first show home in Westpointe of Windermere. It is a contemporary home with an inverted roof that stands out in the Edmonton market. The high ceilings of the main floor make for a loft-like feel, and the living space is made up of a tasteful combination of lighting, various finishing materials, unique tile selections, glass, and stainless steel. But that is not all. Here are four more amazing things about the Butterfly Home.

1) The Inverted Roof

When you look at the Butterfly Home from the outside, one of the first questions we get asked is about the roofline. And one of the reasons we call it the Butterfly Home is that you’ll notice there is an inverted roof. Some of the key features is that while we have gone with the commercial roof—it is an SBS finish—it is all internally drained. The soffit and fascia on the exterior are all commercial, so you won’t see any perforations on the outside, and you won’t even see any drains on the exterior as everything runs through the roof and straight down. We are trying to change the applications that are used in housing, and here, and if that means that we can use commercial applications in residential homes, then why not?

2) The Stunning Form

You really get a surprise when you walk into the home. As you walk in, the engineered oak hardwood floors greet you with warmth, and you see how their tone accentuates the entire house. You also notice that the flow from the exterior right into the interior has really remained consistent. So when you walk in, you’re not sure what to expect, but you quickly start seeing a lot of similarities in terms of thought

and vision on the interior of the house as you do on the exterior. The form of the house, while being fresh and contemporary, is also a smooth flow of aesthetic marvel.

3) The Complementing Function

What is form without function? Hence, we try to look at the functional aspects of it too, and yet maintain the design and flow throughout. When you look at the kitchen, for example, you’ll see a white and black canvas dominating the space. You’ll notice that we haven’t necessarily picked appliances by sticking to one brand, but we’ve picked those that actually suit the design of the kitchen, and that they suit what we are trying to go for. This sort of functionality is consistent throughout the house. In the Butterfly Home, form and function go hand-in-hand.

4) The Unique Lightings

To make the living space more welcome, we’ve gone for a bistro look. Hence, another feature in this house is the lighting. As you walk through the house, you’ll notice that every room has a unique light feature, and every room has its own aura and soul. You don’t feel like you are in the same room as the last one you went into. Every room is truly unique, and we have tried to design it like that by selecting the furniture and lighting around that idea. Our expertise does not end at the structure of the house but flows into the interiors, making the house feel like home.

The Butterfly Home is a unique, custom architectural piece that we have built Westpointe of Windermere, Edmonton. We, at Hoxton Homes, believe that people are looking for something that their neighbour doesn’t have, something that stands out, that gives them a completely different feel when they walk in. They’re interested in architecture, they are looking for interior design, and features that give their home a completely different space—a different perspective than a standard home. Hence, we actually look to understand what you are all about, who you are, what makes you unique to your personal, and then we try to design your custom home around you. So if you are in the market for a new home, get in touch with us now.