Hoxton Homes redefine luxury home building. We are inspired by contemporary living and modern building practices.

As a custom home builder who specializes in the Art of Bespoke Homes. We have built Traditional, Transitional and Modern Homes. Our emphasis in recent years has been Contemporary homes since this is something that has become more prevalent in the Edmonton region only in recent years and we have been doing this for almost a decade… So we offer a variety that allows for our clients to have the options when looking at custom homes but where we really differentiate ourselves is in the nature of our Bespoke Custom.

An example: When you go to buy a suit off the rack in a store or when you have a suit semi-tailored at a store.

Then you have the option to have a bespoke tailor – where they start from scratch and you pick fabrics, buttons, colours, stitching details etc… That tailor gets to know you and what suits your body and will look good on you. Building with Hoxton Homes is very similar for our bespoke custom build. We are able to offer you a specification, or a semi-tailored home but the true custom build is a Bespoke build where our design team wows you with the various design options



  • We are a true Bespoke Custom Builder
  • Over 50 years of experience from a family owned business that cares about it’s clientele
  • Every home we have built has been uniquely designed for each individual client
  • Customer focused design process
  • Our process starts with a blank slate through to a turnkey solution where you can move into a furnished home
  • The consultation process is very personal (don’t worry we don’t get into the dirty laundry) but a large focus on details
  • You don’t just deal with a salesperson – you get a whole team that will work on your home!
  • We build to a higher standard
  • Sustainability options for our clients (without biting into the budget)
  • We put a lot of time and effort into building our clients homes to ensure they are happy!


Our expertise, experience and attention to detail are all key aspects to designing your new home. The plans for your new home go through a series of professionals with interior design, architectural, engineering and our in-depth construction experience before being presented to you. We do this to ensure every detail is paid attention to from every aspect of the home building process.


  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Anything your heart desires


  • We will guide you through the Infill Process
  • We work with you to help you find the ideal lot or location
  • We also take care of all the Permits/ Demolition
  • Managing the expectations of Neighbours in a Mature/Infill neighbourhood


  • We understand that not everyone wants to build a new home
  • We also understand that many clients want to take an older home and bring it back to life
  • We offer you the ability to do a truly unique and custom renovation that will line up with the needs of the new home you want to live in
  • We can offer a reface or complete introspection of the interior
  • We can also do an addition to a home that already meets most of your requirements but is still missing something to add the final touch.


  • We don’t push Green Design, but we will guide you as you discover that going green is sometimes not as expensive or cumbersome as one might think!
  • We already design and build our homes to a standard that goes beyond the current building code and have been doing so for years
  • We are members of Built Green and we currently work with energy advisors on doing performance models for many of our homes.


All of our homes are architecturally designed with direction from our in-house design team along with our client. We offer our clients a home that reflects who they are rather than a standard blueprint.


Quick Possession Homes

Want to move in right away? We have 1 quick possession homes under construction that will be available immediately after being built, along with 2 others that are currently available!



Hoxton Homes is currently working in communities in Upper Windermere, Westpointe of Windermere, Cameron Heights, Fraser Vista, Rio Terrace, and Crestwood.