Every individual has a vision of building their dream home. Everyone has imagined how their house would look like, and all they need is a group of builders and designers who can give a shape to their dream home. Hoxton Homes are those builders who can not only give shape to your dream home but also give you a unique contemporary style custom home with sustainability. We are here to shape the future of Edmonton and uplift the face of urbanization. We are one of the most reliable builders, and we are going to give you enough information so you know why to choose us.

Our Experience

We are dedicated to redefining Edmonton’s contemporary living and luxury home-building. We are a family run business, and have been in the construction industry for more than 50 years, and in the residential industry for over 40 years. With the team of such vast experience, people and the synergy, we can give the customers what they desire for. We have professional designers with us who provide designs inspired from different countries over the world like Singapore, Dubai, England and others.

Our Work

Our working style is very contemporary, and we provide consultation to our clients with our team in a meeting. We ask the client about their family functioning and what are their needs, the consultation process can be done in one meeting, but may take more time in some situations.

After the consultation, we move onto the design process with our team. Our interior designer will start working on the design with you from the beginning and will be there until the home is completed and

furnished, and not many builders provide you with such services. We don’t provide you with specific designs to choose from, rather we acquire information about you and your family and build the house around your persona.

Then, we move onto the execution process. We layout the plan and start building your home. We will stay in touch with you regularly to keep you on the loop. We will send pictures of the construction or will book site visits, so you can look over the construction process until it is completed.

Our Speciality

By now, you already know that we provide a dream home with unique contemporary design, but along with the design, we provide our clients with the opportunity to live in a home with unique architecture and sustainability. During the designing process, our team focuses more on the design, and we customize it according to the needs of a client. We focus on how every space of the house can add up to the final design. We work with the client on unique designs, and our team skillfully surpasses any challenges. We always meet with our clients and exceed their expectations by working with them through the entire design process.

Our Butterfly Home

Hoxton Homes’ specialty is the contemporary and luxury style homes, but we provide a little more than the contemporary look with our specialized and unique Butterfly Homes. It is called “Butterfly Home” because of its commercial-style inverted roof. And the interior of the Butterfly Home is designed with specific design and lighting in every space. The exteriors are all made in commercial style, and you won’t see any drains or perforations on the outside. With this style, we are trying to change the application of housing by using commercial applications in residential.

Our fixtures and furnishes are not available in the Canadian market. It will take another 2 or 3 years to become a trend. So you are getting the advantage of being a step ahead in your home designing. If you want to have a perfect dream home that you have a vision about, then do get in contact with us.