At Hoxton Homes, we think that Edmonton is changing. We’ve got all sorts of different areas that are progressing in different places in different ways, and we want to be a part of that process. We want to be one of the leaders in that. We aim to change the face of suburban Edmonton, or anywhere in Edmonton for that matter. We would like to be bringing the contemporary feel to Edmonton and giving Edmontonians the option of having something completely different available to them. Hence, we have developed a sophisticated process that aims to exceed your expectations. And here is that process.

Consultation The first step in designing a custom home for you is the consultation process. Here, you sit down with our team and have a healthy discussion about your new home. With the discussion and a short questionnaire, we try to understand how your family functions and its needs. Once we have an idea of your expectations, we start the custom design process for your new home. Next comes the design building process.


The design building process is where the fun begins. Hence, one of the things we try to do is we spend a lot of time on the design up front. That time is spent so that as you are going through the actual building process, you truly understand the different pieces that are going to make your home, and what each room adds to your home.

The other thing that we do is, we bring our interior designer right at the beginning of the process, and she works with you throughout the entire process, all the way to the furnishing of the home. It is one of those things that most builders don’t actually do, but we actually work through the entire design process with you so that you are getting the right colours and features.

During the design building process, we consider every aspect of your home life before presenting you with a design. This process involves layouts as well as colours, finishes, material selection, etc. And we pay close attention to detail. We are not asking you, for example, here are your towels and you have to pick one from them. We actually look to understand what you are all about, who you are, what makes you unique to your persona, and then we try to design that home around you.


The design building process gets defined and finalized in this stage. Then, we realize quickly how much time will be required to achieve a conceptual design that you are happy with. Here, we develop the design process and your requirements’ concept into your new home and firm up the budgets. Once you are satisfied with the budget, time, and the design, we finalize the development stage and move to the final step: construction.


Once the conceptual design becomes a reality, we lay out our plan and start building your new home the way you want it. We try to work efficiently in terms of time and budget, but we never compromise on the quality. And we realize that building a new home can be daunting for you, so we stay in touch with you regularly to give you updates on the construction of your new house. We either send you regular photographs of the project, or book site visits for you so you can see your vision come to fruition. Once the construction is over and the legal formalities are taken care of, we handover the key to your new home to you.

Hoxton Homes is a family-run business with a dedication to quality. We are Edmonton’s contemporary and luxury home builder, and we offer something fresh to the residential landscape of the city. We strive to redefine modern living. With over 50 years of construction experience and 40 years of residential building experience on our team, we understand that home buying can be challenging. Hence, we endeavour to meet and exceed your expectations.

We give you the opportunity to live in a home that has a unique focus on architecture, design, and sustainability. The majority of our homes are custom designed for our clients, which means that we have worked on unique floor plans to meet their requirements, and helped them pick their individual finishes. We offer you the same level of customization and freedom of expression. Contact us for more details.